Our vet referred us to Jill Barratt when I mentioned that I was interested in finally addressing some important behavioral issues in my 7-year-old male German Shepherd, Finn. He’s great with anyone who comes into our house, but in general, he is anxious and we did not adequately socialize him with other dogs when he was a puppy, because the instructor in our puppy class segregated him from the other dogs when he acted timid, rather than helping him and us figure out coping skills. He got along great with our female GSD, but he barked and lunged at other dogs we encountered on leash walks. I had worked with a couple of other trainers before, including one for an extended period, with the goals of being able to have calm encounters with other dogs during walks, on-leash, and at the dog park and while hiking off-leash. Over time, we had started avoiding even neighborhood walks because he would bark and lunge at any dog he saw even if that dog was across the street or down the block. When we did walk him, we had to constantly scan for other dogs so that we could turn and get away before he noticed them. The most recent trainer before Jill said Finn would likely never be able play at a dog park and the closest we got with that trainer was having him watch dogs in the park from a distance of 50-75 feet. Obviously, I was completely discouraged with this prediction and the rate of progress which was slow and costly, so we dropped that trainer and limped along for awhile with Finn’s world shrinking. I trust our vet completely (we’ve known her for 10+ years) and her recommendation and her personal experience with Jill gave me the confidence to call Jill and start working with Finn again. I was hopeful and committed from the very beginning. Jill is extremely professional and organized, and we had a great first meeting during which Jill said that she’d like to take Finn to the dog park and observe his interactions with other dogs. On the second visit, we did just that. I was so nervous, but Jill took the leash, led Finn in, observed and moved him around among the dogs, and it was amazing. With Jill’s help (a few private sessions and a short boot camp stay for Finn at Jill’s house), Finn now enjoys regular on-leash walks with minimal issues in encountering other dogs, great interactions at the dog park (he greets the other dogs, but generally keeps a bit to himself and has never been in a scuffle), and off-leash hikes 2-3 times a week in the summer and fall. He still barks at the mailman, but we’re working on that. We can’t recommend Jill highly enough; working with her has truly been life-changing.

SALLY, Salt Lake City

Jill has been fantastic in helping us with our dog. We had a trainer before Jill and she was nice, but we saw very quickly that Jill really understood the language of our dog. Jill also took a lot of time to understand our needs and concerns. What really made us prefer Jill was that she was so great at helping us understand what our dog was doing and the why. We are not experienced dog owners, but just after an hour of watching and listening to Jill we felt very confident and we saw immediate results in calming the aggression of our dog. Jill knows what she is doing and both our dog and our family love her for it. She has helped us tremendously.

THE POULTONS, Saratoga Springs

We began training with Jill in conjunction with daycare for our two Welsh Corgis. Griffin now 8 yrs and Maggie now 4 yrs. They needed socialization and were very leash aggressive. We also trained privately with Jill in our home and in area parks. We worked with Jill from the autumn of 2013 until this spring and have seen great improvement. We have even been able to take part in the pack walks that Jill organizes for her clients, which are held in a park that have enormous distraction and stimulus. We continue to consult with Jill and continue to work on the socialization but their aggressiveness and general manners are much improved.

LIZA, Park City

I began a training program with Jill for my British Black Labrador, Lucy, in January, 2015. Lucy had been a service dog for a double amputee, who subsequently died. Unfortunately, the family of her owner put Lucy into a local shelter. The anxiety and stress Lucy underwent with the death of her person and with her placement in a shelter took a tremendous toll on her mental and physical health. She was highly nervous, pacing and crying continuously, not able to be soothed or walked on a leash and was dangerously obese. Literally, within moments of Jill’s work with her, Lucy began to respond appropriately to her directions and to leash training. Following several months of the training program Jill established for me as her owner and for Lucy, I witnessed remarkable changes in Lucy’s behavior and physical health. She was able to calm herself quickly, stop pacing and crying, walk attentively and calmly on a leash and is now 15 lbs lighter and in great physical condition. She truly is a physically and mentally healthy dog, thanks to Jill’s established programs for both Lucy and me and Jill’s consistent and very caring follow up.

JEANNE, Park City

When we had our second shots for our Golden Retriver, Solei, we inquired with the vet if he knew of a good trainer so we could start our pup out on the right track. He referred us to Jill from Salty Dog Behavior Training. We called Jill and set up our initial training session for Solei she spent an hour + with us going over our concerns of crate training, feeding, and moving forward with future training for Solei. Jill was very thorough on answering all of our questions and concerns we had. We will be engaging Jill for Solei’s future training needs. We are very pleased with her knowledge and overall caring for pets. Jill also takes Solei for walks when we do not get home in timely manner and we have used her kennel service also. We are very pleased with all her services and very happy we found someone to help us with our new puppy.

LARRY, Salt Lake City

Jill at Salty Dog Training is a miracle worker! She has done a lot of training with my overly-hyper and aggressive dog and has changed the way my dog and I communicate and interact. Not only did she work with my dog to help her deal with her issues and learn how to be a good dog, but helped me understand how I can help my dog, too. It’s a work in progress and I couldn’t be more pleased! The best part about Jill is that you know she really cares and loves these dogs and wants them to be happy and healthy. She truly wants to help your dog become the best dog he can be.

NICOLE, Sugarhouse